Logline: A look at the day in the life of the assistant to a powerful corporate executive.

Writer/Director: Kitty Green

Producers: James Schamus, Scott Macaulay, Ross Jacobson, Jen Dana

Production Companies: Symbolic Exchange, Forensic Films, 3311 Productions, Level Forward, Cinereach

DP: Michael Latham

Starring: Julia Garner, Matthew Macfayden

Status: Premiered at Telluride Film Festival 2019, Screened at Sundance Film Festival 2020, In Theaters Now

Type: Narrative Feature


Logline: Living Undocumented follows eight undocumented immigrant families who have volunteered to tell their stories as they face potential deportation. Ranging from harrowing to hopeful, their journeys illuminate and humanize the complex US immigration system and depict the struggles that many must endure in their quest to pursue the American dream.

Directors: Aaron Saidman, Anna Chai

Executive Producers: Selena Gomez, Mandy Teefey, Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman

Production Companies: The Intellectual Property Corporation

DP: Zach Zamboni

Status: Now Streaming on Netflix

Type: Documentary Series


Logline: An on-the-lam punk rocker and a young woman obsessed with his band unexpectedly fall in love and go on an epic journey together through America's decaying Midwestern suburbs.


Writer/Director: Adam Carter Rehmeier 

Producers: Ben Stiller, John Covert, Ross Putman, Dave Hunter


Production Companies: Red Hour Productions, Covert Creative Group, PSH Collective

DP: JP Bernier


Starring: Kyle Gellner, Emily Skeggs


Status: Premiered in the US Dramatic Competition at Sundance Film Festival 2020


Type: Narrative Feature




Logline: An intimate portrait of a family fighting to embrace joy amidst addiction, trauma, and mental illness.


Director: Sean O’Grady

Producer: Hallee Adelman

Production Companies: World of Ha Productions


DP: Seamus Tierney

Production Sound: Cruce Grammatico


Editor: Joel Plotch

Status: Post-Production

Type: Documentary Feature


Logline: With technology increasingly driving all aspects of our society, we are moving quickly toward becoming a “technopoly." Using a visual essay documentary form Users explores the unintended and often dehumanizing consequences of our society's embedded belief that technological progress will lead to the betterment of humanity.

Director: Natalia Almada

Producers: Josh Penn, Elizabeth Lodge Stepp

Production Companies: The Department of Motion Pictures, Field of Vision

Status: Production

Type: Documentary Feature


Logline: A meditation on the century long relationship between humans and cars at the dawn of the automated era. 


Director: Sean O’Grady

Producer: Antonia Del Duco

DP: Richie Trimble

Editor: Rob Frenette


Status: Production


Type: Documentary Feature


Logline: Detroit rockers 'The Danes' plunge into the depths of psychological horror when they are conscripted by the US government to track down the source of a strange and debilitating sound.


Based on the Novel by: Josh Malerman

Screenwriter: Barnett Brettler


Production Companies: Scott Free, Spin a Black Yarn


Status: Development


Type: Narrative Feature


Logline: The story of two children who watch way too much TV.


Writer: Josh Malerman


Production Companies: Spin a Black Yarn


Status: Development


Type: Narrative Feature